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What Lily’s Been Up To

Most everyone knows by now that Lily Fern Weatherford retired as of May 31, 2013.  This is Susan writing, I just wanted you to know how well she is doing.  On June 1, 2013, she moved to Broken Arrow, OK, which is near Tulsa, to be near her daughter, Susan, her husband Tim, and their daughter, Megan Cunningham.  She lives in a lovely Vintage Community called Kenosha Landing.  They have many of these communities in Oklahoma, they are not assisted living, they are for people age 62 and over who can still take care of themselves.  Mom goes to Bible study every weekday that is held by Herb, he lives in the community.  I don’t know most of the residents last names, but I have gotten to know a lot of them by their first names.  Mom has made a lot of friends and they all care for each other and look out after each other.  Every Saturday, they have breakfast in the dining room, Tim and I go sometimes, last weekend, Megan was even there.  Everybody brings something and Ellen and Ted (a nice married couple that live there) usually make the eggs and gravy.  Gotta have biscuits and gravy!  Monday nights, one of the local churches comes over and has activities and usually food for everybody.  Tuesday night is Bingo night!  Thursday night is game night.  The manager, Virginia, and her husband Lonnie Paul live on site and they are always good to be at just about all the activities.  Virginia does a lot of things that are above and beyond and she is a great manager, but also a friend to everyone.  She really looks out after Mom.  There is a genuine feeling of family in that place and everybody looks out after each other.  If someone doesn’t leave their apartment, or doesn’t come for an activity, you can bet someone will go check!  Mom is really happy there and has her apartment decorated up really nice!  Everyone that sees it, loves it.  Some of the visitors she has had so far are, Fulton & Brenda Nash, Jim & Edna White, Kathy White Martin, Rick & Tracy Yeager, Debbie & Cloid Baker, Jeremy (their singer), Doyle & Pam Mcalister, Roy & Donna Criss, Laurie Sloan, that’s all I can think of right now.  I know I am leaving some out, when I think of them, I will add it.  Visitors are always welcome and encouraged.  Interesting things that have happened, Mom goes to church with Virginia usually and the pastor of the church used to mow our yard when we lived in Yukon, OK back in the late 60’s, very early 70’s.  Also there is a pastor that goes to church there that the Weatherfords had sung for many times.  Mom’s health is good, she has a few things she takes medications for, but she is still doing really well.  She turns 85 this November, so all in all, things are great.  I will try to post some videos of Mom, so that you can see for yourselves how stress free and peaceful she is.  We are so glad that she is here!  Almost every time I go over to Kenosha Landing, someone tells me how glad they are that she is there and what a blessing she has been to all of them. I have no doubt that God wanted her there, it is almost like that place was made just for her, in fact, she says that, too! 

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God Bless You!